What is Black Ice?

Black Ice Training Driving School

Black ice is a particularly dangerous phenomenon drivers may encounter on the roads. Basically, black ice is a thin film of ice, formed directly on the asphalt, so it has the same color and is extremely difficult to identify.

Black ice typically occurs when the temperature is near the freezing point. It is caused by either a short rain, high humidity, or the water from the melted snow on the edge of the road that runs on the asphalt and freezes. The ideal moment for its formation is in the morning, in the evening or in the night, because during the daytime the asphalt typically warms up enough to prevent this phenomenon from occurring.

Although black ice is very difficult to detect, light may help. If the front surface of the road looks very smooth and shines more brightly than it should, it means that you will go through a portion of the road covered with black ice.  Newer drivers can gain experience detecting and driving on black ice through a licensed Lakewood driving school instructor.

Because black ice forms on small surfaces, it is best to adjust the driving speed so that any potential car slip can be easily controlled when the tires regain grip. You must keep the steering wheel in the direction you want to go and do not attempt to press the brake hard.