What Is Rubber Necking?

Distracted driving is something that may affect all categories of drivers, regardless of age or experience, and represents one of the main causes of road accidents. Unfortunately, as official reports show, the number of accidents reported annually and caused by different distractions is high, resulting in people being injured or even losing their lives.

According to trainers that provide driving lessons Denver area, there are three types of distractions while driving:

  • Visual: the driver focuses on something else than the road.
  • Cognitive (mental): the driver is not focused on driving, but on discussions with other passengers for example.
  • Physical (manual): one or both hands of the driver are occupied with something else, such as a phone.

Rubber necking is a type of visual distraction, sometimes also combined with the cognitive type and it is about looking at something that you pass by, as you drive. It may appear when you pass close to an accident and you want to see what happened, or when your attention is drawn by the landscape.

Rubber necking typically makes drivers slow down their cars, which often causes traffic to slow down.

A statistic suggests that if you take your eyes off the road for more than two seconds, the risk of being involved in a road accident doubles. Driving as you look at something else than the road also reduces the ability of your eyes to identify more important traffic conditions.