What Is Tailgating and Why Is It Considered to Be So Dangerous?

Driving Schools Teach On Tailgating

There’s no doubt about it, tailgating can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, a lot of young drivers don’t know much about it, and oftentimes they don’t even know that they are doing it. So, for them and their parents, learning about tailgating and why it’s such a big deal can be lifesaving for the future.


Tailgating is an action by which a driver gets too close to the car in front of them. This can be done for a number of reasons. Either the driver behind is impatient, being forced to drive behind a slower car in an area where overtaking is prohibited, or they simply aren’t aware of the danger and they figure that the reduced wind resistance can help them save fuel or energy, much like how bikers tend to ride closely behind each other for the same reason.  Many of the driving schools in Colorado Springs teach explicitly to stay a cars distance away for every 10 on your speedometer.


Unfortunately, at speeds of over 15-20 mph, tailgating can be extremely dangerous. If the driver in front of you is forced to break because an animal or a child runs out into the street, then there will be no time or space left for you to break and/or avoid a collision. Moreover, the added thrust coming from your vehicle might even prevent the driver in front from avoiding whatever caused them to break, and the whole thing can lead to serious injury or even death.