What Music Do Most People Listen to in Their Cars?

What Music Do You Like

Depending on your age group, where you live and how often you listen to music in your car, you’ll find that the statistics involving listening to music aren’t that clear. In some areas, people listen more to pop and rock music, while in other parts, rap and hip-hop are far more prevalent.


The psychology of listening to music in the car has to do with relaxation. When you’re driving, you can get stressed or tired, especially while dealing with traffic jams or long, endless roads. As a result, lively music such as pop, rock or hip-hop is usually ideal for listening to in cars. Many older drivers will also listen to classic rock or ‘80s pop, which is often equally or even more dynamic than contemporary music.


Surprisingly enough, jazz, R&B, chillout and classical music will be less prevalent when it comes to being behind the wheel. There’s a good reason for that, and it rarely has to do with the driver’s preference. It has more to do with the fact that these types of music can almost put you to sleep, or at least get some drivers to daydream and the driving lessons Orange County instructors suggest you pay attention to the road and not the music.


So when you pick out your next playlist for driving on long, boring road trips or tackling LA or New York traffic jams, make sure you account for these facts, and choose livelier music.