What People Are Saying about the Do Not Disturb While Driving Cellphone Feature

Turn Off Cell Phone While Driving

The Do Not Disturb While Driving phone feature is a new feature that enables iOS 11 users to drive more safely. The feature allows your iPhone or iPad to detect when you’re driving and automatically mute notifications or take other steps to prevent you from using your phone as actively as you normally would.


But what do people really think about this feature, and are they really using it? A recent study by Evernote showed that more than 70% of participants have left their DND While Driving feature on, and that resulted to an almost 8% decrease in phone usage. This is a significant statistic, since some studies have indicated that drivers can spend as much as 3 minutes on the phone, while driving for an average of 30 minutes.  The Colorado Springs driving schools agree that you should not have phone usage while driving along with all the other driving schools within the State.


Understandably, not all people are thrilled with the new feature, and some believe this to be another attempt of Apple to infringe upon the freedom and privacy of their customers. However, most people believe that the feature is extremely useful and helpful, recognizing the fact that sending a text can wait, and personal safety – as well as the safety of others on the road – is far more important than what some might call timely communication.