What Personal Statement Does the Type of Car You Drive Make About You?

Earth Friendly DriverWhether you own the latest model Ferrari or an old Aston Martin made more than 20 years ago,  there are a lot of intriguing things that your car can actually say about you. Cars are statements of wealth,  freedom,  idealism and practical pursuits,  and a lot can be said about a person’s general traits based on the car that they drive.

Let’s say you own a fancy American sports car like one of the legendary Ford GTs. These cars can already tell a passerby a lot about their drivers. They can express the fact that you’re rich,  you like thrills and you’re more of a person who prefers showing off their strength and finesse, since the GT is pretty much a rugged but refined muscle car.

Driving a van or a family car will typically show people that you’re a down-to-earth kind of person who loves going on family road trips and driving safely, or a teen taking lessons at one of the driving schools in Colorado Springs.

Each type and color of car tells a story,  and the story usually ends up being an accurate depiction of what the driver or car owner is like. Whether you like cutting edge,  hi-tech cars that are closer to robots than vehicles,  or whether you’re more interested in the elegance of luxury vehicles like the latest Rolls Royce models,  you can definitely make a strong statement by choosing the type of car you feel the most drawn to.