What Supplies Are Essential to Have in Your Car Trunk

Tips For Items To Keep In The Trunk Of Your Car


The trunk of your car is not only the place where you can keep your luggage – it is also the place where you should keep tools and devices that can save you in case of an emergency. Here are the most important items that should never be missing from your trunk:

  • Jumper cables – the battery in your car can go flat any time, without any prior notice, so jumper cables are a must in any car;
  • A first aid kit – whether you cut your finger or you bark your elbow, the first aid kit is essential for treating minor injuries and for preventing small wounds from getting infected;
  • Some sand or kitty litter – if you get stuck on a slippery road in mud or on ice, sand and kitty litter are great for giving your car the traction it needs to get out of the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation;
  • A spare tire and tools for tire replacement– replacement tires are great, but having a full-sized tire in the trunk is even better. Check the tire regularly to make sure it is in perfect condition and double-check it before longer road trips and don’t forget the tools that you need for the replacement either.  Learn how to replace a flat tire at a local driving school,