When Should You Take a Defensive Driving Class?

Driving Lessons are Worth The Time

Taking a defensive driving course is considered by many drivers to be a waste of time – after all, the class provides knowledge that you are already supposed to have, knowledge that you are supposed to be using whenever you climb behind the wheel. However, many drivers can benefit from education related to defensive driving – here is how:

  • Cleaning your driving record – in many states, certain driving violations will add points to the driver’s record. In these states, drivers who have accumulated six or more points are required to pay a surcharge or they can get their license suspended unless they take a defensive driving course, but if they take a defensive driving class in a driving school approved by the state, they are rewarded with a clean driving record;
  • Cheaper insurance fees – many insurers offer substantial discounts to drivers that can prove that they have taken a defensive driving course;
  • Knowledge – defensive driving courses provide valuable knowledge about how to reduce the risk or completely avoid dangerous situations on the road, thus improving overall road safety for every participant of the traffic. Students will learn about the usage of safety equipment, crash prevention techniques, accident statistics and the dangers of driving when exhausted or under influence.

There are a number of driving schools available, however there are some that are better than others, and a great driving school in Lakewood will offer defensive driving education as part of their course.