Where Should You Drive in Colorado to See the Fall Colors?

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To say that Colorado is a beautiful and diverse place when it comes to finding real natural wonders that are rare and stunning to behold is usually an understatement. Even most of the people who live there only barely scratch the surface when it comes to learning about and visiting the many amazing places that Colorado has to offer. But if you really want to see something special, consider some of the best places to drive through Colorado in order to see the fall colors:


  • Most of the Colorado state parks will provide you with the best opportunity to see the fall colors in the full extent of their beauty and majesty. Here, the impressive, 12,000-acre Golden Gate Canyon and its associated state park, situated only about 30 miles from Denver, will offer you the most stunning colors to behold.
  • For those who have lived in Colorado for a while, the Rocky Mountain National Park needs no introduction. Aside from being an inspiring source of natural beauty all year round, the park turns to shades of yellow and gold during the fall season, enchanting visitors with the magical appearance of its aspen trees.
  • Finally, if you’re going all out visiting Colorado this fall, don’t forget to look for the Smith Fork Ranch – a luxury retreat that boasts some of the most impressive and secluded cabins and hiking trails right in the midst of a beautiful natural region that will rejuvenate you with its amazing fall colors.  Of course, for new drivers, mountain driving classes at Denver driving schools is a must, to be safe on your scenic drive.