Which Car Colors Are Most Popular in the US?

Color Trends For Cars

The trends that can be detected in car colors work in a way similar to the colors trends that can be noticed in fashion: there are some fluctuations and colors that are trendy for a short period of time and there are colors that are timeless and always in fashion according to a driving school Lakewood offers. Here are some of the most popular car colors in the US today:

  • Black and white – two classics that never go out of fashion. Around one quarter of car buyers choose white and black is also chosen by around 20% of them;
  • Silver and grey – the next two most popular colors, elegant and easy to maintain hues, chosen by individuals and companies alike;
  • Other neutral colors, such as beige and various shades of brown – they are chosen by many buyers for their timeless elegance and low maintenance needs;
  • Blue – not so popular today as it used to be a few years ago, but still chosen by many;
  • Bright colors – many strong hues are associated with certain car brands or type of cars (sports cars, for example, usually come in the brightest shades) and they are also frequently chosen by car makers to make their new and unusual models stand out.