Which Holidays See the Most Road Traffic?

Holiday Road Trip

Holidays are certainly great opportunities to spend joyful time with friends and relatives, but for many of us they also involve a great deal of traveling, much of which is done driving. When it comes to road traffic, some holidays are definitely busier than others – here are the ones that see the heaviest traffic in the streets of your town or city as well as on country roads and highways:

  • The period around Christmas – the week before and after Christmas see the heaviest traffic of the year. People move around looking for presents before the holiday starts, then a few days before it they hit the road to get to their destinations by Christmas Eve. Christmas Day and the days after it are relatively quiet, then traffic gets busy again as people set off to return home;
  • Independence Day – another peak period traffic-wise, slightly less stressful than Christmas because the weather is better;
  • Thanksgiving – another holiday that reunites families and friends and involves lots of traveling. Like in the case of Christmas, traffic is at its busiest a few days before and after the holiday, not so much right on the day, but visibility can be poor and roads can be slippery, so take maximum care.

No matter what time of year you are traveling, you should always be a safe driver.  Taking driving classes in Orange County CA is a great way to brush up on your driving skills, especially if you are a relatively new driver.