Which States Are Most Well-Known for Their Inhabitants’ Aggressive Driving Habits?

As you might expect, not all states place as much emphasis on safe and preventive driving as others. In some cases, preventive driving is ignored entirely, and safety becomes relative. But which are the states where aggressive driving is more prevalent and safety takes a backseat?


When it comes to evaluating aggressive driving, statisticians take many important points into account. Some of them have to do with a habit of getting angry behind the wheel, but others simply have to do with the actual driving style that people engage in and how likely they are (or not) to use known preventive driving techniques.


After comprehensive research, experts came to the conclusion that – as expected – the state of California ranks at the top when it comes to the most aggressive drivers in the US. Ironically enough, the price of gas is also highest here, which could account for why some drivers get more impatient.


The second place, however, is more surprising: the place is allocated to the state of Connecticut, which is normally considered to be a peaceful area. Other surprising entries are also present, with North Carolina in 5th place and Kentucky in 9th place.  Statistics show that driving classes Denver CO have proven to be beneficial for young drivers, and should be sought after in all states.


Of course, Texas, New Jersey, Delaware and Florida are also in the top 10, but the surprise entries mentioned earlier show that you can never really trust rumors when it comes to adapting your driving style to whether or not you’re driving through an “aggressively perceived” state.