Why Are Personalized License Plates Seen as Such a Good Idea?

Tips To Get A Personalized Plate

There are a lot of reasons why you might consider a personalized license plate for your car. Whether to impress your neighbors or get more customers for your business, you’ll find that personalized plates can really come in handy and improve your mood at the same time.


The most common reason why people tend to choose to personalize their license plates is to make a statement or make their cars feel like they’re fully theirs. So, for example, people can include names or nicknames, the names of their pets or even a joke – such as adding words like “FAT” or “WIN” to their license plates.  However, when you take driving lessons Orange County offers, instructors teach they can be somewhat of a distraction.


In most places, you get a lot of freedom when personalizing your license plates. In the state of Oregon, for example, you can use a combination of 1-6 characters with a hyphen or space thrown in for good measure. Moreover, the only limitation placed on your creativity is to avoid using any obscene or offensive words, and to avoid having 3 letters and 3 numbers following each other.


If you’re a business owner, then a personalized license plate can be great for your business, since it will let your clients know that the car belongs to you and even remind them of the name or initials of your business. So you can rest assured you’ll never lose any clients because they didn’t know what your business is called.