Why Are Some Headlights Different Colors?

Tips Of Vehicle Knowledge

Headlights are characteristic features on any car, components that contribute to the car’s personality and with it, to the identity of the owner as well – small wonder so many car owners try to personalize the way their car looks by replacing standard, transparent headlights with colored ones. However, not all colors are legal, even though headlights and bulbs can be easily bought in any color. Here are a few things you should know about headlight colors:

  • The laws that determine the colors to be used on headlights are not federal laws, so each state in the US has its own set of pertaining laws. The general rule is that only white and yellow lights are permitted;
  • Colors other than white and yellow should not be used even if they are permitted in your state because any other colors hinder visibility and can be dangerous to use;
  • Some states allow car owners to use xenon HID bulbs that are on the blue end of the light color spectrum, while others forbid the usage of these lights on on-road vehicles because the light they emit is too harsh and it might blind the drivers coming from the opposite direction.  Taking a driving class through, can help you obtain a good understanding of your vehicle and the maintenance required, for all the lighting systems, and replacing fuses when needed.