Why Do People Have Tinted Windows on Their Cars?

Tips On Tinted Windows

Many state laws restrict or even forbid tinting car windows in a way that limits the amount of light that can pass the windshield under a certain level (the regulations vary from state to state, Washington, for example, allows tinting that still allows 24% of the light to pass through, but in California, tinted windows are permitted only if they let through at least 70% of the outdoor light) because any color on the windshield and on the other windows around the cabin can hinder the driver’s ability to see the road and the traffic around. It’s necessary to not have tinted windows that exceed the legal limits when taking driving lessons Orange County instructors offer.  However, many drivers still choose to have tinted windows – here is why:

  • Even windshields that let the legal amount of light penetrate can look completely black;
  • Many owners consider darkened windows to enhance the safety of the car – burglars consider cars the interior of which cannot be seen from the outside to be less attractive;
  • Tinted windows can prevent the car’s cabin from heating up and it can also protect the car interior against UV radiation;
  • Some states allow drivers suffering from vision-related issues, such as increased sensitivity to light are allowed to tint their windows darker than the legal limit.