Why Everyone Should Know About Drowsy Driving and Its Risks

Don't Drive Drowsy

If you drive while you’re very tired or sleepy, you’ll be risking a lot – not only for yourself, but for other drivers on the road. Drowsy driving can be extremely dangerous, and there are actually a lot of stories about drowsy truck drivers who have been driving for 16-18 hours straight, and ended up falling asleep at the wheel. That kind of accident is easily avoided if you stop and rest whenever you’re too drowsy to drive properly.


A lot of people tend to avoid resting either because they’re in a hurry, or because they’re so used to driving that they don’t think that drowsy driving might affect them. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and it only takes 1-2 seconds of closing your eyes in the wrong situation to cause a serious accident.


There are many cases when this has happened, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced driver or not. In many instances, it becomes impossible to save the situation, and a crash is imminent, even if you wake up in time to avoid any other cars on the road.


So use your discernment and stop to rest whenever you feel you might be too drowsy to stay awake, as is taught at the driving lessons Orange County CA has available. This recommendation is especially important to follow while driving at night or in hot weather, when the driving conditions become boring or conducive to a sleepy atmosphere.