Why Having a Dirty Car Can Lead to Distracted Driving

Tips To Avoid Distracted Driving

Having a dirty car can be uncomfortable especially if you drive to an event where all your friends drive to, and they get to see you park your dirty car in the parking lot – or worse, in front of one of their houses. However, that’s definitely not the worst thing that can happen if you drive around in a dirty car.


Many experts and experienced drivers can attest to the fact that a dirty car can actually be quite a distraction. Aside from the fact that knowing your car is dirty can distract you and make you less confident about driving overall, there’s also the problem of your windshield and other windows being dirty.


Even if the visibility is still quite good, dirty or dusty windows can still be a real distraction. In some cases, a small piece of dirt can distract your attention in a key moment, and that’s enough to get into a car accident.


Also, driving a dirty car can be very distracting because of the dirt inside the car. A dirty floor or dashboard can easily distract your attention and make you feel uncomfortable enough to make a mistake.


So make sure you wash your car as frequently as possible, especially when you haven’t for a long time, or right after driving through some rough terrain.  Find more advice to keep away from distracted driving at