Why Is Distracted Driving So Dangerous?

Driving Schools Teach Safety First

Distracted driving is something that may happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere, but must be avoided at any cost. The elements that distract a driver`s attention can be divided into three main categories: manual (when the driver’s hands are not both on the steering wheel), visual (when the eyes are not following the road) or cognitive (when the mind and the thoughts of the driver are focused on something else than driving).

Among the main causes distracting people from driving are:

  • talking on the phone and texting
  • checking their voicemail or e-mail
  • eating or smoking
  • checking their look in the mirror, putting on some makeup
  • reading the map
  • admiring the landscape

How do you avoid these elements that distract you while driving?

The answer is simple: you have to give up doing anything else than driving. Use a hands free system if you really must talk on the phone, although you should avoid them altogether and use the phone only after you stop the car safely in a parking lot or outside the road. Eating, drinking or smoking while driving are also very bad habits. Besides risking your safety, you also risk to make your car dirty.

Also, for the safety of the driver, the other passengers of the car as well as the other traffic participants, it is not advisable to drive if you are in an advanced state of fatigue. The power of concentration in this case is considerably diminished.  For teens just learning to drive, make sure they attend a really thorough driving school in Orange County that covers everything regarding safe driving.