Why Is It Important to Know When to Use Your Brights While Driving?

The Importance

We all know how uncomfortable, annoying, even scary it can be to be blinded by a car coming from the opposite direction with its beam headlights are on. As the rules that determine when to turn the headlights on and off are more like guidelines and very many drivers are confused about when they should use their beams, here are a few tips about beam usage that you can use for safer driving on dark roads:

  • Low beams allow drivers to see around 200 feet ahead, while high beams offer visibility of about 350-400 feet ahead;
  • You can use the beams whenever you are outside inhabited areas and you cannot see the road ahead of you very well, but you should turn of your brights instantly when you notice another car coming towards you;
  • If you don’t disturb oncoming traffic, use your beams on unfamiliar roads, in construction areas and whenever you suspect that there might be cyclists on the side of the road;
  • Be aware that in heavy rain, snow and fog, high beams will only cause a glare, so you should switch them off and turn on your fog lights or low beams to make driving safer.

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