Why Is It So Important to Know the Driving Rules in Different States?

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Most people take their driving test once. This means they only do it in one location, and they likely won’t worry too much about whether or not the rules are the same everywhere. In fact, they differ quite a bit not only from one country to another, but from one state of the United States to another as well.


Some of the biggest differences are involved with issues that can get you in a lot of trouble. The speed limit is one of them. While in some states you get a safer speed limit allowing you to travel at various, high speeds on the freeway, other states are more restrictive. If you’re not attentive, you can easily get yourself a speeding ticket just by crossing the state border.


The law regarding drinking and driving as well as texting and driving can also differ greatly. In states like Texas, for example, the limits are very strict when it comes to DUI, and jail time is almost always involved. In other states, the rules can be somewhat more relaxed.


Subtle traffic rules such as being prohibited from stopping at a certain distance from a certain marker can also be in effect in some states. While these rules won’t be as serious as the ones mentioned above, they can still get you in trouble, so they are still worth your attention when you drive out of state.  To get more informed, look to  MasterDrive of Lakewood.