Why It Is Important to Check Your Tire Tread

Checking Tire Tread Is Taught While Taking Driving Classes

Tires are possibly the most overlooked part of the car by car owners. They go to work, drive their children to school, and go grocery shopping without giving the tires the second look. Sometimes, many car owners start a long journey, like a road trip with their family, without making sure that their tires are in good condition.


The key thing to check on your tires is the tire tread. It is the series of grooves in tires. Tire manufacturers usually insert a colored bar in the tire, that becomes visible when the tire is worn down to a dangerous level.


But why is it important to check your tire tread?


  1. Worn Tires Offer Lesser Grip

When the tire tread is worn or even cluttered by debris, the tire will no longer adhere to the road properly. On a rainy day, the car can hydroplane (slide on water) and cause you to lose control and hit a tree. In the winter, worn tires can slide over ice or snow, straight into another car.


  1. The Car Will Take Longer to Brake

Do you need to hit the brake in order to avoid a collision? If the tire tread does not have the adequate depth, your car will take a longer distance to stop. Thus, you may not be able to avoid an accident.


  1. The Tire Is More Likely to Puncture

A worn tire will be easily punctured by any sharp object, including a shard of glass or a jagged pebble. If this happens during a long trip, away from towns, you will pay a significant amount for road assistance.  All of these points are covered in good driving classes in Orange County and surrounding cities and should be adhered.