Why It’s Crucial to Know About Switching Your Tires Each Season

Seasonal Tire Change and Rotation

The tires that you use on your car determine your safety on the road as well as the performance of your car – here are a few reasons why you should always use season-appropriate tires.
The rubber compounds and the profiles used for making winter tires are more flexible than the materials used for summer tires and they serve the purpose of making the vehicle safe to handle on slippery roads and in low temperature conditions. If you leave them on for the summer, too, the car will have too little traction for efficient braking and the tires will wear too quickly as well. Summer tires, on the other hand, are unsuitable for being used in winter because they become too hard when the temperatures are too low, which also compromises the safety of maneuvering the car.


Using tires that are not suitable for the season is also harmful for your wallet. Improper traction impairs the car’s performance as well, hindering fuel-efficiency, so using the wrong tires increases ownership costs. Using tires that are not made for a specific set of road conditions decreases the lifespan of both summer tires and winter tires – in other words, if you don’t switch to the set that you should use, you will end up with two sets of aged and worn tires instead of having two functional sets that ensure safe and efficient driving.  Many of the driving schools like those found here offer courses on maintaining your vehicle and other important courses.