Why It’s Important to Consider Safety When Driving with Your Dog

Don't Drive With Your Dog In Your Lap

Having your dog sitting on your lap, sticking his head out the window to enjoy the smells and the sunshine while you are driving might be a cute thing, but it is among the most dangerous mistakes a driver can make. No matter what size your dog is, to be able to drive safely with him in the car’s cabin, you need to respect some safety regulations – here is why.

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, super attentive to everything around them. If your dog notices something interesting outside the car while you are driving, he might decide to jump to the window or on you to be able to see the thing that has risen his interest. Your dog might also see something that needs to be checked inside the cabin and a fly on the window or the movements of your legs and arms might cause him to jump on you as well. To avoid such situations that are dangerous for the dog as well as for the driver and the passengers in the car, make sure you use suitable restraints or keep the dog in a suitably sized box in the cabin or in the back of the car.

The other aspect that you must pay attention to is the safety of the dog during maneuvers. Your dog might fall off the seat if you break too hard or during very sharp turns – another reason to use suitable harnesses or a box.  Take refresher driving classes at