Why It’s Important to Understand Your Vehicle Inside and Out

Understanding the In's and Out's

Knowing as much as possible, as much as you can possibly take in about how your vehicle works, inside and outside, is essential for being able to use the car efficiently as well as to prevent costly break-downs. Your knowledge of cars should include knowledge about mechanical and maintenance-related aspects as well – here is why:

  • Basic maintenance – being familiar with regular maintenance tasks can make sure your car serves you well longer. Topping up the fluids, including not only the engine oil, the cooling liquid and the brake fluid, but the power steering and the transmission fluid as well can assure the major systems in your car work properly and can save you frequent visits to your mechanic.
  • The importance of theoretic knowledge – you don’t need to be able to fix all issues on your car, but knowing what to pay attention to will help you decide whether the strange noise that you hear is caused by a loose screw or by some major malfunction and will allow you to give your mechanic all the details he needs for a timely repair.

The best source of car-related knowledge is your vehicle’s manual – refer to the book for information about error messages, oil replacement information and about other problems with your vehicle that you want to find solutions for.


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