Why Knowing How To Parallel Park is Crucial

Importance Of Being Able To Parallel Park

Nearly one-third (32%) of the drivers say they need more than one attempt to achieve a parallel park, and many others, especially beginners, rank this type of maneuver among the most stressful three moments of their driving experience, shows a recent research.

Like any other type of parking and other maneuver, it is important to know it and to be able to do a parallel park, especially when you must circulate at peak hours, in crowded city traffic and there is no other way to park your car.

Parallel park is reduced to two simple things: patience and confidence.

Patience is especially important when you park on a crowded street with many cars waiting behind you. You will inevitably stop them until you park the car, which can make you nervous. This is the moment to concentrate on your hands and show some confidence. Confidence comes from knowing the dimensions of your car, being able to estimate distances, as well as from having practiced enough to be familiar with this maneuver.

Once you have the patience and confidence, the rest is simple.

A parallel parking is successful when:

  • You looked carefully in every direction and decided that you have the conditions to make this maneuver safely
  • You did not park too close to another stationary car or to the sidewalk
  • You did not park with one or two tires on the sidewalk
  • You are at a reasonable distance from the sidewalk.

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