Why Parents Should Discuss Texting and Driving with Their Teens

Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is a major safety threat on the roads across the US and the problem is especially severe among young drivers. During driving courses, the instructors warn their students repeatedly about the dangers of writing messages on their mobile devices while maneuvering the vehicle, but these warnings don’t seem to be enough and here is where parents can make all the difference by discussing the issue with their kids and also by showing a good example.

You can find out if the teen driver in your family is using the texting function on his or her phone by simply checking the phone bill, but even kids who don’t send and receive frequent text messages can get occasionally distracted by the beeping sound of their phone, so the discussion is not wasted on them either. While talking to your teen about texting and driving, point out all the dangers involved, such not noticing children playing on the street and also talk about how multitasking distributes attention. When you are in your car driving and your teen driver is with you, point out the potential dangers that could have been easily disregarded by a driver caught up in texting to illustrate what you talked about during the previous discussion.  Find out more discussions to have with your teen drivers at