Why Should Parents Learn How to Talk to Teens About Distracted Driving?

Give Your Teens A List Of Do's and Don'ts

Most teens, even responsible, mature teenagers think that accidents happen only to others and having just a quick look at their phone or taking their eyes off the road to turn on the radio cannot be a problem. Driver’s education courses provide information related to the dangers of getting distracted while driving, but parents also need to get involved in the process by stressing the importance of distraction-free driving. While doing so, parents should choose the right time and the right language as well – here is why timing and style are so important:

  • Teenagers are sensitive and sensible at the same time, which means that they will listen to what you, as the parent, has to say only if you use the right words. Don’t shout at and don’t pester your kid, try to talk to them in a way that allows them to draw the right conclusions about the dangers of getting distracted while behind the wheel;
  • Share stories – using stories is the best way to illustrate the dangers of distractions. Tell your teen driver stories about how you solved road situations when you got somehow distracted while driving to show that you are human and to allow your kid to learn from your experience.

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