Why Should You Know How to Treat Bikes on the Road?

Proper Treatment of Bicyclist

Whether you’re a driver, a pedestrian or another cyclist, knowing how to treat bikes on the road is very important. This is especially true because sometimes children and teenagers also ride their bikes on the road, and you can’t account for their mistakes. You have to use preventive driving and reasoning to avoid colliding with them and even keep them safe, if possible.


If you’re a driver, you might expect that everyone on the road knows what you know. However, this isn’t always the case. If you have friends who drive a bike, you probably already know that they don’t know the traffic rules as well as you do – especially if they don’t own a car, or are too young to drive. This can pose a number of problems, if you’re not aware of the issue:


  • Cyclists can get in the way on a busy street, since they believe they can navigate the traffic jam better. This can lead to an accident, especially if they don’t know the traffic signs, and you assume they do.
  • There’s a false sense of safety regarding the maximum speed of bikes. While you might believe they can’t surpass 20-30 mph, sometimes cyclists can sprint much faster, especially downhill. Unfortunately, their brakes don’t always account for that extra speed.
  • In many cases, you’ll find you have to treat cyclists as pedestrians. While experienced cyclists will know a lot about the road, many others don’t. And you can’t always sit around and try to guess which cyclist is the more experienced one.


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