Why Should You Learn How to Properly Brake and Handle Your Car?

In Classroom Driving Instruction

Braking and handling the car in a responsible manner, paying attention to the car’s technical features as well as to the traffic outside the car are essential for safe driving – here is why:

  • Pressing the brakes too hard can stop the car too suddenly, which is dangerous because the car behind you may not be able to stop in time, colliding into the back of your car;
  • There are some road situations, such as slippery roads or when you are descending a very long or very abrupt slope that require special braking techniques. These techniques are best taught by someone experienced and not learned in situ, so pay maximum attention when these aspects are explained to you during your drivers’ education or when your instructor shows how to act in these situations;
  • Handling the car is also essential for road safety – you need to be able not only to turn on the car and keep the engine running for as long as you are driving the car (we all know how stressful it is to have a dead engine in the middle of a busy crossroads because we didn’t use the clutch and the gas pedal properly), but you also need to be able to read the car’s signs that indicate a malfunction. Participating in a Lakewood driving school will give your teen the practice they need, and they will have training on braking and how their car handles those situations.