Why Should Your Teen Avoid A Cell Phone While Driving?

Avoid Using Phone While DrivingUsing your mobile phone while driving is not only illegal according to most regulations, but also very risky. You must educate your teen as the driving school in Lakewood does to avoid this practice and make them more responsible in traffic. Unfortunately, using the phone to make calls and send messages while driving a car can be fatal. Any distraction from driving is considered to be very dangerous and therefore it is not recommend to talk on the phone at all, not even if you have a hands-free system. It is clear that when we are talking on the phone, sending messages, or check our notifications on social media profiles, our concentration level is decreasing dramatically and we no longer pay the same attention to traffic situations. This is too often the cause of tragic accidents.

Here are some things to tell your teen about driving and using their phone.

  • You can use your mobile phone when you stop your car in a safe place. For even more safety, turn off the engine and pull the parking brake.
  • Do not use your mobile phone, not even when you stop at traffic lights or are stuck in traffic. You can make an exception only if there is an emergency situation and you have to call 911.
  • Even if you use a hands-free system, your attention is distracted when you talk on the phone.
  • Before starting to drive, check your messages, mails, social media accounts, and schedule your navigation system if you need it. None of these operations should be done while driving.