Winter Mountain Driving

Mountain Driving Denver Driving Schools TeachIn winter, drivers are dealing with snowy and slippery roads. We must drive very carefully and respect some different rules than in normal conditions, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy the benefits of this season. Many people go to ski resorts and, because they do not want to give up their comfort, they prefer to drive their own car, at their own pace.

It is no secret that in winter driving can become a real challenge, especially in mountain areas. The low temperatures can lead to the formation of ice on the roads, in some regions you may encounter a lot of snow, and all these make driving much more difficult. Therefore, it is very important to be well prepared for mountain driving in the cold season.  There are many driving schools in Denver that have specific courses to train you on adverse weather driving skills.

First of all, it would be good to inform yourself on warnings about particularly bad weather. In such situations, it would be better to postpone your trip.

Before you start driving, you need to make sure your car is ready for mountain driving. That means up-to-date with the regular check-ups, equipped with winter tires, chains, a full tank and a rescue kit, which may include gloves, booster cables, small shovels, a first aid kit, snow brush, warm jackets and even some non-perishable snacks.

Also, depending on the traction of the car (front or rear) and whether or not it is equipped with ABS, there are certain techniques that you should know about to maintain its stability on slippery roads.