Your First Driving Instructions: Why Are Driving Schools So Important?

What You Need To Know About Getting Driving Instruction

As a beginning driver, you might wonder why driving schools even exist. After all, most of the work is done by you driving your own car with the instructor next to you, and the theoretical work is also done by you, as you study for your exam. However, driving schools are more than just about helping drivers attain the knowledge and skills to pass an exam. Many of them will also commit to helping young drivers stay safe on the road for many years to come.


Driving schools first of all have the responsibility of providing you with the accurate knowledge and helpful skills required to obtain your driver’s license successfully. However, most of them also have the requirement that the driver learn as much as possible about the vehicle itself, as well as the many unwritten preventive driving rules that you’ll be expected to follow once you’re behind the wheel.


Preventive driving ensures that you can stay safe at all times. For example, even though your training says that you can drive past a green light at any speed below the speed limit, circumstances can dictate otherwise. You might see a group of children walking close to the edge of the street, or the driver in front of you might be very close. In each of these instances, the knowledge you gain from attending driving school at will help you decide on the best course of action.