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Every company that owns fleet vehicles needs a plan in place to protect themselves, their employees, and their vehicles. Investing in training for your drivers not only reduces accidents, but it can also provide cost savings on your vehicle insurance policies. It lets your employees know they are valued and their safety is important. It also creates a safer workplace.

Did you know that estimates show over 40% of accidents are work-related? Yet, less than half of the companies surveyed by Motus.com responded that they have mandated driver safety training in place.

One poor decision on the road by one of your drivers could create a financial disaster for your company, negative PR, and forever change the life of your employee. Your company could be responsible for medical bills, property damage costs, and face substantial insurance rate increases.

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According to a 2017 study, driving accidents cost employers nearly $56.7 billion.

Accident rates could be reduced by as much as 35% if driver risk management programs are expanded.

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