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We believe that driver education doesn’t just happen behind the wheel. Although a unique in-car training experience is at the core of what we do, we don’t stop there! From helpful articles to help you stay safe on the road to free downloads, tools, and our driver programs, we’ve got you covered!


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Driver Education Package Roadmaps

Getting the right training to get your driver’s license has multiple steps. To make the process easier, download your copy of what to expect as you move through our training process from enrollment to obtaining your driver’s license.


Handbooks and Logs

When helping to prepare a new driver, it’s important to have the support, tools, and resources you need for success. Each state has it’s own rules and provides its own driving handbook. We have provided digital downloads for several different manuals below to save you time and make it easier to review with your teen.

States also require that the parent who is overseeing a teen’s practice hours keeps a log of the driving time completed. It needs to be turned in when the teen goes to the DMV to get their license. You’ll find access to that below as well. 

Colorado Drive Time Log

It’s required for your teen to have a specific amount of driving hours with you in order to get their license. Print this log and keep it in the car to keep track of their hours. When it’s completed you will need to take it with you to your DMV appointment.

Colorado Driver’s Handbook (Eng)

Each state provides a digital handbook that explains the driving rules unique to their laws and environment. It also provides tips and resources for getting your license and staying safe on the road.

Colorado Driver’s Handbook (Esp)

Cada estado proporciona un manual digital que explica las reglas de conducción exclusivas de sus leyes y medio ambiente. También brinda consejos y recursos para obtener su licencia y mantenerse seguro en la carretera.

Visual Resources


Choose from a selection of videos about a variety of driving-related topics we’ve provided to help you, and your teen, stay safer on the road.

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Informative Articles

Browse our blog for tips, information, and advice from the experts.

Distracted Driving: Dangers and Precautions

Distracted Driving: Dangers and Precautions

With collisions and vehicle-related fatalities on the rise, driver’s safety and awareness on the road are more important than ever. In this article, our focus is on one of the top causes of motor vehicle crashes, distracted driving. You’ll learn the different types of distractions and some tips to help you avoid one of the most dangerous distractions almost all of us face.

Preparing for Winter: Choosing the Right Tires

Preparing for Winter: Choosing the Right Tires

Winter in Colorado brings a ton of fun activities, but it also brings challenging road conditions. Whether you are heading up to the mountains, traveling for holidays, or just driving to work it’s important to make sure the vehicle you’re driving is well-prepared. In this article, we will be focusing on the importance of having the right tires for the right conditions.

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