It’s called The MasterDrive Experience for a reason. . . and it is NOT just to get a driver's license!

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting time for a teen and for the family.  It’s also the most dangerous time.  Do you remember?

You may be looking for something MORE than the typical Driver Education Program

If you are the parent of a teen who is ready for preparation to become a driver, you may be looking for something more than the typical driver education program.  I certainly hope so! 

                                                            Ronn Langford

                                                            Founder and President

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Years Training Safe drivers

Drivers Trained & Licensed

Skills our students learn

Saving Lives, One Driver At A Time

The experts at MasterDrive have been helping new drivers not just get their license, but have the comprehensive instruction and hands-on behind the wheel experience they need to stay safe on the road for a lifetime.

Other driving schools only provide only the minimum. MasterDrive’s extensive programs prepare your young driver to respond instinctively to danger, to handle their vehicle confidently in all conditions, and to give them all the skills they need to come home safe.

  • Accident Avoidance Instruction
  • Advanced Skid Training on Our Skid Pad
  • Braking and Handling in a Crisis Situation
  • Dynamics and Limitations of Your Vehicle
  • Maneuvering and Accuracy

New Driver Training

Whether your teen needs a permit or already has one, we have several different packages to ensure that they learn the skills they need to be a safe driver for years to come. 

Court Referred Classes

We offer court-approved Level 1 and Level 2 courses to help you meet your requirements.  Our classes are now available in a facilitated online learning environment so they can be completed from the comfort of your home.

Expanded Driver Awareness Program (EDAP)

Our 4-hour EDAP program is required by the State of Colorado if your teen is between 15.6 and 16 years old to get your permit. Offered alone as an alternative to a full training program.

Winter Driving Safety

Colorado winters bring harsh and dangerous road conditions. Whether you want to make sure your teen is prepared for winter or you are new to Colorado, we can give you the training and confidence you need.

Group, Fleet, and Corporate Training

Protect your fleet vehicles and your employees with specialized driver’s safety training. Help your employees learn accident avoidance and reduce your insurance rates too.

Training for Special Needs Drivers

We help students with unique challenges and a wide range of needs and abilities with specialized instruction, coaching, and evaluation for safety.

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Why MasterDrive?

Unique Training

We have proprietary skid pads and other tools to help students practice hands-on skid control and crash avoidance. Learning to control a vehicle requires the development of new skills, just like learning a new sport. This requires repetition.  Our programs give new drivers the opportunity to practice skills like skid control in a  safe yet realistic environment with the repetitions they need to make safety second nature. 

Payment Plans Available

We believe that cost for a comprehensive driving program shouldn’t be a barrier for a new driver to gain the skills they need to stay safe on the road.  This is an investment in your child’s future and safety. We want to make sure it’s within reach for as many families as possible while still maintaining our high standards of quality. Contact us about payment plans for any of our programs if needed.

Experienced Instructors

Anyone with a driver’s license can teach you to drive – theoretically. However, they risk passing on their bad driving habits. Not only are our coaches excellent drivers, they are trained to understand how the brain learns — how skills are programmed into the subconsious mind. They instill the confidence and self control each student needs to handle crisis situations on the road.


Choose From Several Programs

Students come to Masterdrive in different stages of their driving journey.  We offer classroom or self-paced online courses for younger students. Our driving camps give students the ability to master controlling a vehicle in real-world scenarios.  Additionally, we offer court-referred or EDAP (Extended Drivers Awareness Programs), winter driving lessons, even fleet or group training for businesses. 


Most Comprehensive

Most driving schools teach the minimum to pass the state test and get a license. We know that being legal to drive isn’t enough to keep kids safe in the event of a crisis on the road. The ability to steer out of a skid or avoid danger can’t be learned by watching a video or reading a book. These skills must be learned behind the wheel with the guidance of an expert coach at their side.

Our Heart Is In It

We work hard to teach every student how to stay safe because our company was founded from a tragic loss. Ronn Langford, our founder, lost his teenage daughter Dorri in a collision with a drunk driver. He vowed to create a driving school that would save lives and protect other parents from the heartbreak of losing a child to an auto accident. This promise is at the heart of everything we do.

Recognized and Featured Nationally

MasterDrive is the world’s leading driver safety company. We have driving schools in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins CO, and Orange County CA. MasterDrive has been recognized and featured nationally for their unique programs by AutoWeek Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, NBC Nightly News, Fox, CBS, PBS, ADED, The United States Army, and many other national organizations and companies.

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The offices are closed on weekends, but students are in classes, on-street sessions and in driving camps.