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We have color coded the status for events at each location. A “green” status means that events are running as scheduled. “Yellow” indicates it is questionable. A “red” status means the event has been cancelled and will be rescheduled. Reference the chart below to see what category your event falls under, then scroll down to find your location. Make sure to read the details for more information.

Regardless of our status, if you do not feel comfortable driving in the weather conditions in your area, you can reschedule at no charge. Call the office and leave a message to let us know you plan to reschedule.

Classroom Events include: Driving Camp Events include: On Street Events include:
– Classrooms 1, 2, 3, & 4 – Driving Camp – On Street Lesson
– Corrective Driving (Level 1 & Level 2) – Advanced Driving Camp – Test Prep Lesson
– EDAP – Street Prep Lesson – Drive Test
– Permit Testing – Skid Pad / Winter Driving
– Training Assessment – Drive Check
– Strategy Session – 1:1 Training